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The identity series evolved from a place of loss. My rustic work had been derailed by a debilitating case of Lyme disease. My reliance on imagination to construct identity was very much tied to my collaboration with nature. If an individual is informed by purpose and occupation, then i had retreated to a place of uncertainty and disenfranchised grief.

These characters, which I call laura dolls, appeared out of nowhere, unplanned, raw. Perhaps some interior dialogue between dreams and desire, memory and the passing of time, brought them to be. Ive always been drawn to children’s literature for its ability to blend simplicity with poignancy. These 2 dimensional, stylized silhouettes ( paper dolls) provided me with a new visual language, a source material for narrative exchange and a way to re-experience the world through play. The identity series is a personal exploration but also a reminder that we are all in some way addressing universal feelings of isolation as we search for connection.