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“Spector, inspired by the grace and whimsy of the English rustic tradition, weaves oriental bittersweet and wisteria vines into chairs winches, tuteurs and arbors. Her Balinese temple seat is one of our favorite pieces that nods rather than bows to historic references.”

“Celebrating our 75th anniversary, we’ve gathered some ever youthful design
legends, a timeline of treasures, and Laura Spector’s signature garden bench is a
scene stealer.”

“Originally conceived as a sculpture, artist Laura Spector’s bronze Adagio cocktail table is cast from a single curvilinear length of Oriental bittersweet vine.”

“Spector wrings beauty from this serpentine killer (Oriental bittersweet) coaxing it into furniture, sconces, mirrors and garden arches. Pride of place belongs to her signature garden bench now considered ‘iconic’ in the house and garden design trade.”

“The Echo night table is a study in lyricism. With bronze filbert pulls, it sports a geometric, scalloped drawer front that sits atop organic bronze legs from Oriental bittersweet vines.”

“Inspired by the rich and decorative tradition of 18th Century European romantics, Spector’s handcrafted arbor evokes an enchanted woodland refuge while providing a striking garden focal point.”

“If a friend rolled one of artist Laura Spector’s enormous twig follies onto my lawn, I’d be thrilled. Like many gardeners, I have a soft spot for rustic bois and Spector’s creations are the real thing.”

“Mirrors in the landscape have been a secret among garden designers past and present. The right mirror can create an illusion of space, of fantasy, making your outdoor rooms look as good as your indoor ones.”

“With its sinuous curves and asymmetrical lines, Spector’s nocturne brings a relaxed , lyrical glamour to the organic form. From its rough hewn cast bronze legs, to its scalloped edge, mirrored and Venetian glade encrusted pull out drawers, the Nocturne is a rhapsody of textures both rustic and refined.”

Sting. Enough said.

“Before even an architect was confirmed, the owners — collectors of quality rustic art and furnishings — commissioned famed rustic artist Laura Spector to design and build the winding and majestic 30-foot staircase and landing.”

“A table base of gnarled and twisted organic oriental bittersweet vines and a hand-planed rough hewn table top provide just the right touch of gothic glamour.”

“With a profound respect for nature, Spector transforms invasive bittersweet vines into exuberant custom made works of art that reflect the arcs and flow of nature’s whimsy.”

“Inspired by Hector Guimard’s Art Nouveau designs, the cast bronze metro cocktail table embodies Parisian panache.”

“A midsummer night’s dream. Nothing wrong with a midday nap — and for serious relaxation, designer Laura Spector’s dreamy rustic bed is an irresistible downy playpen.”

“Tower chair, a memory chair created by artist Laura Spector, is a union of heart and hand. In the wake of our ordered and civilized lives, the memory chair is a reminder that nature too is a broken line and there is grace to be found in the weary place between man and nature.”

“Dancer turned designer Laura Spector introduces en point door handles. Rendered in sensuous polished bronze, each art nouveau inspired 18″ casting distills the asymmetrical beauty of the organic form to its sculptural essence.”

“A tangle of invasive Oriental Bittersweet vines can turn, in artist Laura Spector’s hands, into a charmingly intricate bench that blurs the kind between rustic and refined.”

“The grace and beauty of the organic form take center stage in this eco-elegant table which brings together a base of Oriental Bittersweet with an elongated slab of rare, reclaimed, hand-planed volcanic koa wood by artist Laura Spector.”

“When a gardeners imagination heats up: Artist Laura Spector goes foraging throughout the northeast for tree-strangling oriental bittersweet vine and redeems it by turning it into one-of-a- kind rustic garden furniture.”